5 Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads You Need to Try ASAP

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Plenty of people love the ability to plan, track, and glance at a week in a bullet journal. There’s a ton of ways you can create your bullet journal weekly spreads, but I want to show you my top five favorites!

What is a journal weekly spread?

Simply put, a journal weekly spread is a place for you to track tasks, appointments, habits, gratitude and anything else you want to stay on top of in the weekly format of your choice, allowing for a fountain of creativity!

The bullet journal has many strengths, but flexibility takes the cake as the most precious characteristic of this planning system. Being able to adapt it to suit your every need is completely unique when it comes to planning.

What better place to bend your planner to your will than the place you do the bulk of your planning? I’m talking, of course, about your dailies – or weeklies, if that’s what floats your boat!

I started out using a typical daily format, but I began to draw out several days at a time. That eventually led me to creating full weekly layouts in lieu of dailies, and I’m not alone!

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The Rhodiarama Soft Cover Notebook

For the five bullet journal weekly spreads, I had the pleasure of playing with five Rhodiarama Soft Cover notebooks! Let me tell you about these journals really quick because they are packed full of features.

Do you remember way back when you were in elementary school and the Scholastic Fair would come to your library? Yeah, these journals smell like that. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but the smell of these Rhoidaramas is sending me back to second grade and I love it.

stack of 5 Rhodiarama Soft Cover Notebooks in black, orange, yellow, blue and purple
Besides the unexpected dash of nostalgia, these journals sport other cool features. The leatherette cover feels supple and soft, and they come in a wide variety of colors – which is always a great thing.

While these journals are soft cover, they aren’t flimsy or super bendy. They have body, which I like. Each journal comes with one attached bookmark, a back cover pocket, and an elastic band to hold it all shut. And let me tell you, these elastic bands just don’t quit. I love how strong and snappy they are.

Finally, let’s talk about the paper. Oh my yes. The pages are 90 gsm, which is 10-20 gsm thicker than your typical journal paper. That means it can handle your fountain pens, markers, brush pens, and – you guessed it – watercolors. Hubba hubba.

closeup of stack of 5 bullet journals in orange, blue, purple, yellow, and black

Elements of Fun Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Before we dive into layout specifics, I want to point out that bullet journal weekly spreads vary wildly depending on what you want to do. There are a number of trackers, modules, and logs that you can maneuver into your layout. Here’s just a few off the top of my head:

  • Weather
  • Habit Tracker
  • Gratitude Log
  • Sleep Log
  • Random Notes
  • Next Week Notes
  • Calendar Thumbnail
  • Work Start/End Time
  • Time Tracker
  • Meal Planning
  • Events/Deadlines
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Weekly Doodles

Basically, the sky’s the limit. If any of the bullet journal weekly spreads below feel close but not quite perfect, try swapping out some of the elements!

Little tweaks and experiments in your layout could mean the difference between “meh” and “hooray”! If you wanted to, you could eliminate most or all of your monthly spreads and revert entirely to weekly layouts.

You could even have a monthly, weekly, and daily layout. It’s whatever makes you happy and productive, so don’t hold back! Okay, now let’s dig into the juicy stuff, shall we?

Journal Weekly Spreads I Love

The Basic Betty

This weekly bullet journal spread is for the minimalists out there. I drew out this lovely layout in the yellow Rhodiarama, which was begging for a splash of dark blue in her pages.

I simply drew out the boxes, added a strip of Payne’s Grey blue, and wrote on top in a rose gold gel pen to get a simple, but striking, look.

bullet journal weekly spread for May using Basic Betty spread

Each day gets a quarter of the page, which is plenty of room for notes, deadlines, tasks, reminders, and whatever else you might need to jot down.

The top of the left page simply has the date range and a thumbnail calendar to help you see where you are in the month at a glance. Very sleek, simple, and sexy. I do love minimalist layouts!

closeup of Basic Betty weekly spread with decorative apple sitting on the page

The Master of Schedules

This electric layout was done in the Sapphire Rhodiarama, which is a gorgeous moody color. I decided to punch up the page with pinks, purples, and blues for a wild vibe.

The page is divided just like the Basic Betty above, but there’s a slight twist. Each day in this spread has 24 little boxes for the 24 hours of the day.

You can do one of two things with this: plan out your schedule in advance with the color code of your choice, or fill in the boxes after your day is done to reflect your time usage. It depends on what you want out of your time tracker!

closeup of the master of schedules

You might be wondering how you would know the color code for your schedule. You could write the key on the bullet journal weekly spreads, but that’s not very efficient.

What’s better is to cut out a little piece of paper (I stole this scrap from my Rhodia dot grid notepad), draw your color code key, and stick it on the back cover with washi tape. Then you can open it up and see the code super quick when you need it. Make sure you fold it so it’s not sticking out all the time!

close up of color key on piece of paper
master of schedules in bullet journal weekly spread

The Divide and Conquer

This layout begins to get a little more complicated, but don’t worry! There’s a method to the madness. In the classic black Rhoidarama, each day still has space to add tasks. But a new column has been added to the far left just for deadlines, appointments, and events.

You’ll also notice that I split up a single row into two columns for Saturday and Sunday. Because really, do you need all that room for tasks and planning on the weekend?

divide and conquer journal weekly spread with pens

On the bottom of the second page, I added a small habit tracker. If you are only managing a few habits, then keeping them in your bullet journal weekly spreads might make a ton more sense than devoting a whole page to a tracker in your monthly log.

It’s easy enough to add in, and it’s super easy to keep an eye on your trends throughout the week. Neat!

close up of master of schedules with white decorative apple sitting on the page

The Block Scheduler

Okay, let’s break up the layout even more! I put this spread in the Tangerine Rhodiarama, which is basically Little Coffee Fox orange. Yes please.

the block scheduler in a journal weekly spread

Anyway, I devote the top half of both pages to the daily tasks and events. But I created a nice fat block for morning, afternoon, and evening for better task placement.

This is not only helpful for appointments, but it can help you plan the flow of your day and see if you’ve accidentally overloaded your morning or under booked your afternoon. It’s much easier to see what’s happening at a glance!

close up of the block scheduler in a journal weekly spread

On the second half of the pages, I have a number of different modules. On the left, I have the basic calendar thumbnail and a lovely inspiration box.

This is fantastic for practicing your hand lettering, picking a theme for the week, and giving yourself some extra pep when you open your planner.

close up of the block scheduler on a journal weekly spread

On the right page, I added a habit tracker yet again, along with a box for meal planning and notes for the next week. See? It’s not so complicated!

close up of the block scheduler

La Vie Boheme

The last, but certainly not least, of the bullet journal weekly spreads is this beauty in the Iris Rhodiarama. Remember when I said this paper can withstand watercolors? Here’s the proof.

Like the Block Scheduler above, I scrolled the days of the week across the top half of both pages. This time, I made everything into exciting triangles to spice it up.

Each day has an ombre wash of color, which I’m absolutely in love with. Isn’t that just lovely? Oh, and I had an extra triangle when I was done, so I made it a space to jot down notes for the next week. Handy!

La Vie Boheme journal weekly spread if a flatlay

On the bottom half of both pages, I again have several different modules all mixed in. On the left page, I have a calendar thumbnail (can you tell that I like having one around?) and a catch all box for whatever I want.

I like the idea of an unspecified space in case something weird comes up and I want to draw or take notes.

La Vie Boheme journal weekly spread close up of the catch all section

On the bottom half of the right page, I have the trusty habit tracker yet again right above a gratitude log. The boxes for the gratitude log are a bit small, but if I turn the journal sideways and write, there’s plenty of room.

La Vie Boheme close up of gratitude tracking section

Now Go Create Your Own Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Are you feeling inspired? Weak in the knees? That’s completely normal when you begin to realize the possibilities with bullet journal weekly spreads. There are unlimited options!

You just have to try, sample, taste, and experiment to find the perfect layout for you. Or try something new each week and keep it fresh! There are no rules, so just do what makes you happy and productive.

Make sure you go grab a Rhodiarama softcover! If you’ve been looking for a journal with sturdy pages and a sassy cover, then these are for you.

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So what are you waiting for? Break out of the boring old way of doing things. Give these a shot and see if weekly planning is your groove. You might be surprised with how much you love them!


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