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We have been producing notebooks, book calendars, image books and illustrated books – for companies, agencies and publishers. Our list of customers includes well over a thousand companies from small to large, from adidas to zalando. In the meantime, thanks to our expertise, we are also working for many customers outside of Europe.

You can talk to us about print, finishing and book binding details. Even if you only have a vague concept – we will help you make a tangible product out of your ideas. That is why not only print, bookbinding and book experts work for us, but also book designers. And as books always have to be handled, touched and tried out, we will be happy to send you paper, samples of cover material and book samples. 

custom notebook and journal buke notebook
We manufacture books.  We support your design.  We make it happen.  According to your ideas and customized to your request,  we compile an individual selection of cover materials,  books and processing examples.


Have any questions? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch, well be happy to answer. You can also make an order enquiry by filling out the contact form below. QUICK CONTACT For quick contact please connect with us by using the "Message Us" feature at the bottom of the screen. If you are looking for our email you can contact us directly alexguo@booknotebooks.com, or please feel free to call +8618867573776 

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