Bookmarks are a useful bullet journal tool that can help you quickly

Bookmarks are a useful bullet journal tool that can help you quickly locate and reference important elements in your journal, such as mini calendars, habit trackers, or goal lists. Some of the benefits of bookmarks are:

  • - You can save time by not having to redraw the same elements every time.
  • - You can improve efficiency by not having to flip through your journal to check your plans or progress.
  • - You can increase creativity by using different patterns, colors, or materials to make your bookmarks.
  • - You can enhance focus by using bookmarks to highlight what you are most concerned about right now.

If you want to try using bookmarks as a bullet journal tool, you can follow these steps:

  • - Choose an element that you want to place on your bookmark, such as a mini calendar or a habit tracker.
  • - Draw or print this element on a piece of paper, then cut it to the right size.
  • - Paste this element on another piece of thick paper or cardstock, then cut it to the right size again.
  • - Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark, then use a string, ribbon, or metal ring to secure it.
  • - Insert the bookmark into your bullet journal and move it as needed.

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