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BUKE Stationery is China Factory, We have been producing paper notebooks, bullet dotted journals, calendars, planners and illustrated books – for small business companies, agencies and publishers. Our list of customers includes well over a thousand companies from small to large, from adidas to zalando. In the meantime, thanks to our expertise, we are also working for many customers worldwide.

You can talk to us about print, finishing and notebook binding details. Even if you only have a vague concept – we will help you make a tangible product out of your ideas. That is why not only print, bookbinding and book experts work for us, but also notebook designers. And as notebooks always have to be handled, touched and tried out, we will be happy to send you paper, samples of cover material and the fact notebook samples. 


 BUKE's bamboo paper bullet journal is a high-quality, eco-friendly journal that offers a range of advantages and characteristics.


The bamboo paper has the main advantages are its smoothness, thickness, and durability.

Smoothness: Bamboo paper is incredibly smooth, making it a pleasure to write on. The ink glides across the page without any resistance, which is ideal for bullet journaling. There is no need to worry about your ink bleeding or feathering on bamboo paper.
Thickness: Bamboo paper is thicker than normal printer paper, which makes it more durable. You won't have to worry about your pages tearing or creasing when you're writing or drawing in your bullet journal.
Durability: Bamboo paper is also more resistant to water damage. If you accidentally spill coffee or tea on your journal pages, the bamboo paper will resist warping and staining.

The use of bamboo paper makes the journal environmentally sustainable, while the thickness and smoothness of the paper make it a pleasure to write on.

The dot grid pattern and large page count make it easy to create organized and easy-to-read spreads, while the prevention of bleed-through and ghosting ensures that users can use a variety of pens and markers without worrying about damaging the paper.

BUKE's bamboo paper bullet journal is a popular choice among bullet journaling enthusiasts who want a durable, high-quality journal.




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