custom printing belly bands for notebook journal branding

The advantages of custom printing belly bands for notebook journal branding are:

- You can add branding, product info, or a complimentary design to your products and packaging with a belly band. This can help you stand out from the competition and attract more customers.

- You can choose from different sizes, materials, finishes, and colors for your belly band to match your style and budget. You can also opt for foiled belly bands for a luxury feel or uncoated paper for a touchable texture.

- You can secure your belly band with a custom-printed sticker or a wax seal for a more professional and elegant look. You can also add a spine print to easily identify your saved journal contents for future reference.

- You can wrap your notebooks for an extra wow factor with a belly band and create a memorable impression on your customers or clients. You can also add a pen loop combo to make your notebook more functional and convenient.


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